Gambling in Italy has stems from the Roman Empire where the soldiers play backgammon and scriptorium, now online gaming worldwide puts Italy on the top ten best nations for gambling with its largest poker playing market with online cash games up and running 24 hours a day and generating over 80 billion Euros in revenue annually. Pizza and pasta are not just the only things that you can look forward to when you visit Italy; there are 16 cities that have facilities for gambling that total to 20 facilities all over the country. 

More the Pizza and Pasta: Italy for Games and Recreation

The Italian gaming authority has issues licenses that cover skill games, tournaments and solitaire poker games, poker games, casino games, odds and horse betting events, horse pools, and even bingo. In the case of online gambling, there are now more than 200 gambling websites and 150 online casinos, bingo sites, online poker and mobile casinos. If this seem too overwhelming and you are having trouble looking for the online casino that is right for your gambling needs, there sites that offer a peek to what you are maybe looking for online, we may take a look and gamble at all these sites until we have found an online gambling site that feels like home. Besides these online gambling websites, there are also websites that will give you updates and feedback on the best sites for gambling such as , if you are not interested in trying all of the 200 sites available; research will be your best bet. If you are into tournaments, there is a wide list of Italian poker sites that offer tournaments, there are online casinos that offer games like slots, bingo and other games on different platforms that will both suit you visually and address that gambling itch while in Italy. Check to find more slot games. 

Online gambling in Italy

If poker and sluts are not what you are looking for, online gambling in Italy still has lots more to offer like, online sports betting which has grown twice its size in the past. Online betting has grown and matured in Italy along with its brother poker, sports betting is actually more popular in Italy since the gambling population is dominated by men between the ages of 24 to 44. This demographic has amassed more than three times football stadium ticket sales in bets in 2012. There are also hundreds of these online sports betting sites that you can use if you feel like staying in your hotel and do not have that energy to go to a local sports pub. These sites are totally legal, completely regulated, and allow real money for betting and can be accessed online at your convenience or any kiosk nearby; you will never miss another opportunity to place a bet while enjoying the cities. There are other places in the world where gambling is pretty big, you can find world wild casinos thanks to sites such as canadiancasinoreview. Check out if your country is on their list!

In Italy, whatever you fancy, may it be online casinos or online sports betting, you no longer need to worry if the content will be available to you, all you need to think about is your next bet. Take a chance on the tables or play it safe in the slot machines. You’ll never know. Lady luck might just smile on you and you’ll leave Italy an instant millionaire. 

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