Asia’s biggest gambling destination, Macau, is well-known as the Monte Carlo of the Orient. Half the visitors that enter the city (largely from Hong Kong and mainland China) are there for gambling, and both Chinese games and Western-style casino games are popular in the city’s many home-grown and foreign casinos, besides sports betting, lotteries and greyhound racing. 

Of the thirty three casinos in Macau, The Venetian Macau Resort and Casino is the largest and most famous casino, and it is much more than just a casino. The Venetian is a slice of Venice in the Orient. The luxury hotel and casino on the Cotai Strip stands out from a distance with its stunning 39-story golden hotel building modeled after The Venetian in Las Vegas. 

But it is only when you go closer and enter the casino that the full force of its architecture hits you. The Venetian was jointly designed by HKS Architects and Aedas. The idea behind the resort was to re-create a Venetian flavor in the hotel’s interiors. The casino’s sprawling 10 million sq. foot area makes it the largest casino in the world, and Asia’s largest single structure hotel. 

A Fusion of Venice and the Orient

On the inside, The Venetian looks like a street in Venice, replete with canals and gondola rides (and singing gondiliers), streets with ornate street lamps, wide staircases with marbled balustrades, shop fronts in buildings with Venetian-style architecture, lavishly frescoed ceilings on the inside and more. 

But there are also Oriental elements fused into the Venetian architecture, to cater to its Chinese visitors. The casino is divided into four themed areas for gaming, named with oriental names such as Imperial House, Golden Fish, Phoenix and Red Dragon.

The premium Piazza Club, catering to premium guests, has gaming areas named after Asian cities like Hong Kong, Yunnan, Singapore, Guangzhou and Kuala Lumpur. 

Luxury Hotel Accommodation 

The 56-acre resort offers the best of luxury hotel accommodation, with over 3000 suite rooms in the hotel tower. The accommodation floors are from level 7 to level 38, with lifts serving the guests. Paizo Club members have their own guest lifts, entrance, lobby and reception. The largest suite reserved for premium guests is the 12-bay Presidente suite with 4 bedrooms. 

There are a variety of room types at the hotel, ranging from family suites with kids themes, to villas, and the spacious comfort and sophisticated luxury of the VIP Piazza member rooms. All bathrooms are tastefully decorated with high quality Italian marble. 

Entertainment and Leisure Facilities for Everyone 

The hotel tower’s fifth floor is where the guests can enjoy various leisure activities like swimming, Grado mini-golf, and the indoor Qube! Playground for kids. The fifth floor also has fitness equipment, the MALO Clinic spa and healthcare center and more. 

The indoor Cotai Arena is another entertainment area where visitors can catch a basketball game, a bout of boxing, tennis, concerts etc. 

The resort also has a 500-seat dinner theater, a twelve acre water attraction park, a five acre lagoon and over six hundred duty free shops offering luxury fashion, electronics, gadgets and more. The Shoppes at Four Seasons and The Grande Canal Shoppes are the major areas for shopping.

While there are many restaurants and cafes peppered across the resort grounds, guests must take particular note of the thirty world-famous restaurants including Michelin star restaurants that offers a variety of gastronomic experiences. 

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Gambling in Italy has stems from the Roman Empire where the soldiers play backgammon and scriptorium, now online gaming worldwide puts Italy on the top ten best nations for gambling with its largest poker playing market with online cash games up and running 24 hours a day and generating over 80 billion Euros in revenue annually. Pizza and pasta are not just the only things that you can look forward to when you visit Italy; there are 16 cities that have facilities for gambling that total to 20 facilities all over the country. 

More the Pizza and Pasta: Italy for Games and Recreation

The Italian gaming authority has issues licenses that cover skill games, tournaments and solitaire poker games, poker games, casino games, odds and horse betting events, horse pools, and even bingo. In the case of online gambling, there are now more than 200 gambling websites and 150 online casinos, bingo sites, online poker and mobile casinos. If this seem too overwhelming and you are having trouble looking for the online casino that is right for your gambling needs, there sites that offer a peek to what you are maybe looking for online, we may take a look and gamble at all these sites until we have found an online gambling site that feels like home. Besides these online gambling websites, there are also websites that will give you updates and feedback on the best sites for gambling such as , if you are not interested in trying all of the 200 sites available; research will be your best bet. If you are into tournaments, there is a wide list of Italian poker sites that offer tournaments, there are online casinos that offer games like slots, bingo and other games on different platforms that will both suit you visually and address that gambling itch while in Italy. Check to find more slot games. 

Online gambling in Italy

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